Uneekor Partners with PGA Tour Pro Cameron Champ

Uneekor Partners with PGA Tour Pro Cameron Champ

Lake Forest , California, Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 - Uneekor, makers of the world’s most obsessively and meticulously engineered golf simulator technologies, is proud to announce a partnership with Cameron Champ, three-time PGA Tour Champion.

Focused on delivering cutting edge technologies for the most passionate and demanding golfers, Uneekor will provide its full complement of products to Champ for implementation into his practice and training programs on and off the course. 

With unrivaled speed, accuracy and consistency, paired with a wide range of software options including Refine and Succeed, Uneekor delivers the technology suite needed to take any player’s game to the next level. Additionally, Uneekor features open source compatibility allowing users to play thousands of courses without ever having to leave the comforts of their own environment.

My Uneekor simulator will provide me with another trusted tool for putting my work in at home. The technology is exceptional and I trust the data I’m generating to reliably measure consistency and progress in all aspects of my game. It’s also a lot of fun in there!
Cameron Champ
Three-Time PGA Tour Champion

We’re very excited to partner with Cameron. We’ve been developing
and refining our proprietary technology for over a decade, and it is important to us to work with a player that is as obsessed and dedicated to the game improvement aspects of golf as we are. In addition to his prolific ball speed and distance on the course Cameron is also dedicated to giving back to the game by increasing access to golf in underserved communities. We look forward to supporting Cameron to both improve his game and facilitate new opportunities for the sport.
Scott Lee
Director of Marketing at Uneekor


As part of their partnership with Champ, Uneekor will be donating its golf simulator technologies to The Cameron Champ Foundation, which aims to foster an environment for academic achievement and healthy living for children and youth from underserved communities. Uneekor will be installing a simulator at Foothill Golf Course in Citrus Heights, CA, the course that Champ grew up on and which the Cameron Champ Foundation now operates, to inspire the next generation of golfers and community leaders.