About us


We are golf veterans, technology specialists, engineering experts and innovation masters.  

We are Unrivaled, we are Unmatched.  

We are Uneekor. Master Your Passion.

We Visualize

Uneekor anticipated the most important and revolutionary transition of the past decade that would change forever the way in which golfers practice, learn and improve their game. What began with one engineer trying to efficiently elevate his skills, turned into a truly powerful, disruptive force that changed the golf simulator industry forever.

We Engineer

We have more than 14 years of experience in this journey to perfection. We can proudly say that we offer the world’s greatest golf simulation technology available. Passionately developed and meticulously engineered with cutting-edge technology, every single Uneekor product delivers swift, precise, and valuable data at a competitive price point.

We Evolve

Our motivation is golfers’ love for the game. Our inspiration is their passion for perfection. And this is what ignites our commitment to continually evolve. We’re constantly rethinking our products, reinventing our equipment, and enhancing our software. Some say that the only constant is change, for us the only constant is improvement.

We Perfect

When it comes to the best practice experience, what truly matters is to attain absolute quality in each single detail, to then build a whole system that works to perfection. From the unparalleled performance of our launch monitors to our cutting-edge software and elegant hardware, we’re obsessed with the quality of our products.

Just like our fellow golfers out there: we share the same goals and dreams. We do it for golfing greatness. And we are in this together.