Uneekor values fairness, true competition,

and innovation. We prefer simple and practical design.  We are driven to create something to challenge the status quo every day for the benefit of everyone. We find small happiness and joy in the process of greatness. We are unique and leverage the strength of our core capabilities. That is why our name is Uneekor.  

The universal power symbol represents technology and also the power in golfing

The "U" is a symbol for Uneekor, but also YOU as the golfer

13º represents an optimal launch angle for the average to highly skilled player with a driver

Uneekor is driving the greatest competition in golf, the competition every golfer has with themselves.

We believe that your grit, determination, and dedication deserve the world's most accurate simulator technology in more accessible and affordable market platforms. We strive to provide you with the power of information to transform your golf performance sparking greater love for the game. Power for every golfer.