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Best Golf Tips for Beginners: Advice to Keep in Mind




There’s been a revolution in the golf world in recent years. People from all walks of life are discovering their passion for the sport and finding more ways to play. It’s no mystery why; golf is fun to play with your friends, is a great source of exercise, and has many mental health benefits.

Despite the appeal, many people are reluctant to start golfing because they don’t know where to start. Where do you buy clubs? How many do you need? How much does tee time cost, anyway?

Let’s go over the best golf tips for beginners:

Remember Golf is Fun

Don't think about any swing mechanics; just advance the ball forward!

This isn’t to say ‘technique and good fundamentals aren’t important, but they will come in time. Stay connected to the feeling of swinging the club with a little speed, not even hitting a ball.

On that note, once you’re comfortable on the range, don’t be afraid to hit the course! It’ll be a great way to challenge your skills. Don’t be afraid to start at a shorter distance from the green. The main goal is to have fun, and it can be a good challenge from any distance. Make sure to go with a coach or friend to show you the proper etiquette.

Investing in Golf Lessons is Worth It

Instead of investing in expensive equipment upgrades right awayinvest in your enjoyment by taking a lesson or two.

Some things to keep in mind when finding the right instructor are:

- A good reputation is important. Instead of scouring the internet, go by word of mouth.

- They don’t need years of experience to be a good coach. Newer coaches can be well-versed in the most current best practices, so don’t be deterred if they don’t have a decades-long resume.

- Pay attention to what they teach. Some coaches focus on specific areas of the game while others have a more comprehensive approach. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions as some techniques might be confusing to beginners.

- Check out their certifications. PGA (Professional Golfers Association) and the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) both offer certification programs for instructors.

Don’t want to invest in a lesson yet? No worries. There are plenty of free golf tutorials on YouTube and social media. But be careful; sometimes these can be less reliable, so look for accounts of professionals who provide proven instruction and not just personal opinions.

It All Starts With the Grip

Here’s how to achieve the perfect neutral grip by using a penny:

1. Grip the handle with your dominant hand only; this could be done with either hand depending on your handedness

2. Rotate the back of your hand so that when looking down, you see only your first two knuckles on the back of your hand

3. Grab a penny from your pocket and place it on top of your thumb

4. Place your other hand on the handle with only two knuckles showing, ensuring that the crevice of your palm sits on top of the penny

5. Swing the club, keeping the pressure on the coin so it doesn’t fall

Don’t Focus on the Bad Shots

Don’t let bad shots or mistakes ruin your day. Learn from your mistakes and apply it to your next swing or round. List out times you might have wasted some strokes to come prepared next time.

But most importantly, don’t take things too seriously. There will be good days and bad days; but remember it's a game, a fun challenge, and a great way to share the outdoors with friends. Be patient and stay positive - your mind has a powerful influence.

Just Have Fun!

As you begin to dig further into the world of golf, remember why you decided to get into it in the first place. Golf is fun, good exercise for your body and brain, and a great way to meet friends. Don’t get hung up on the hard times; just keep focusing on incremental growth and maintaining a positive attitude.

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