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Must-Have Items in Every Golfer's Bag

What’s in your golf bag? Your golf essentials are as unique to you as your clubs and style of play. For newbies, deciding what to take to the course can be tough. In this guide, you'll learn about some of the ultimate golf bag essentials that should feature in every golfer’s loadout.

What Should I Have In My Golf Bag?

Not everyone will require the same golf necessities. On the other hand, professional golfer’s bags require someone else to help transport them for a reason. Don’t worry, your golf bag checklist won’t be nearly as extensive as a pro’s when just starting out. Here's an essential golf checklist to get started with.

The Essentials

Certain items are essential for you to play the game in the first place. If you turn up to the course without these golf items, you won’t be leaving the clubhouse. Here’s a list of golf bag essentials you should never leave the house without.

Golf Clubs

It goes without saying that without your clubs, you will not be driving off the tee. During stroke play, you may be limited to 14 clubs, but this largely depends on the course, the situation, and where you are in the world. It may be helpful to keep a backup set in the car, though!

Golf Balls and Tees

Keep as many of these as possible. Wayward shots can swiftly ruin your ball capacity during a round. Tees are also easy to lose, and so it’s always helpful to have backups.

Ball Markers

These golf necessities are about the size of a small coin and are placed behind the ball to mark its position. You must put these in place before lifting your ball.

Golf Shoes

While not required by law, golf shoes are required for anyone looking to seriously improve their game. Other shoes are available, but remember that they must not cause damage to the green.

Golf Gloves

Not everyone plays with gloves, but most can benefit from using them. They create friction between your hand and the club, which keeps everything locked in place when you swing.

The Basics

With everything listed above, you have the necessary golf bag essential items to start playing. But just because you have the essentials doesn’t mean you are equipped for your lowest score yet. While these aren’t necessarily requirements for a day on the green, here are some “good-to-haves”:

Yardage Book

A yardage book is helpful because it allows you to take down strategic notes about each hole. Unless you’ve played the same course for years, the chances are you will need this. Remember to bring a pen!


Most rounds of golf involve spending hours in the sun. Even if it happens to be cloudy, wear sunscreen and reapply every three hours to avoid that painful sunburn.


A towel certainly isn’t the most luxurious form of self-indulgence on the green, but it is a necessity. As you start to sweat, your hands and clubs will become moist. Wipe them down before you swing.


Every golfer gets stuck in a rainstorm at some point. Don’t get soaked to the skin — make sure you pack an umbrella.

Water Bottle

Although more and more courses have water carts these days, you can’t always rely on them. Bring a spare water bottle just in case the water cart is busy elsewhere or is unavailable.

Permanent Marker

While this isn’t a thing on the PGA tour, everyone else can benefit from using permanent markers to place spots on specific areas of the ball. They help you aim down the fairway and line up that pressure putt.

First-Aid Kit

Accidents happen. A cut, a blister, or a bruise can curtail your stance and swing. A small first-aid kit can fit snugly inside your bag and offer some relief when you need it.

Advanced Golf Items

To take your game to the next level, you can add certain advanced items to your golf equipment list. While not essential for a casual round of golf, they can help you improve your weaknesses and gain an edge.

Wire Brush

This tiny tool will help you remove any of the dirt and grime that adheres to the grooves of your club. Regularly cleaning your clubs ensures nothing but the clubface hits your ball.

Divot Tool

Certain golfers would put the divot tool in the “essentials” category, but newbies are not required to carry them. These two-pronged implements are designed to eliminate the divots that appear when your ball lands on the green.

Alignment Sticks

Improve your aim and swing path by bringing an alignment stick to help you make your shot just that little bit more perfect.

Swinging Aid

A small tool designed for improving your swing speed. These are useful for warm-ups and can range from compression tools to weighted sticks.

Gap Wedge

Sand wedges and irons are basic items, but some advanced golfers will also bring along a gap wedge for situations that don’t quite fit either type of club.

Technology and Extras

For those little added extras, consider splashing out on some even more advanced items. These are strongly recommended for golfers with superior handicaps.


These are banned on the PGA Tour, but rangefinders are useful for gauging where to hit your ball for maximum accuracy. These are a great tool for beginners looking to improve their game.

Shag Balls

Older balls that are perfect for practice. If you’re stuck behind a slow group, bring out the shag balls and get some driving practice in.

Energy Bars

Stranded on a monster course behind a slow group six hours in? Rather than being left without fuel, always pack some energy bars for emergency cravings.

Tips for Organizing Your Golf Bag Essentials

It’s important to bring the items you’ll need, but it’s also important to be able to actually find them while on the course. Here are some tips for organizing your bag:


Deciding what to pack in your golf bag is never easy. Stay organized to ensure you don’t miss out on any essential items. If you want to improve your game with extra practice, consider Uneekor. Our smart technology-driven golfing simulator uses cutting-edge advancements to improve your game. Contact Uneekor to learn more about the ultimate smart golfing simulator now.

Golf Bag Essentials

What’s in your golf bag? Your golf essentials are as unique to you as your clubs and style of play. For newbies, deciding what to take to the course can be tough. In this guide, you'll learn about some of the ultimate golf bag essentials that should feature in every golfer’s loadout.

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