Uneekor + GBN Join Forces to Enhance the Golfing Experience for Premier Clubs




We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Golf Business Network (GBN), a premier platform connecting golf industry professionals, businesses, and suppliers. Through this partnership, GBN members will have even greater access to high-quality Uneekor launch monitors and golf simulator solutions, fostering collaboration and excellence within the golf community.

A Synergetic Partnership

“GBN is proud to partner with Uneekor,” said Matt Marciniak, Chief Operating Officer of Golf Business Network, “Their innovative, precise approach to product design and their commitment to helping golfers gain better mastery of their game is a close synergy with GBN’s values and standard of excellence.”

Marciniak continued, “Our strategy is geared toward providing GBN Members with a curated selection of industry-leading tools to enhance the golf experience and make the club professional’s job simpler. Uneekor’s partnership is a significant step forward in accomplishing this goal, and we are proud to collaborate to increase the overall value of membership.”

Justin Meyers, PGA, Sr. Director of Marketing at Uneekor, said, “We’re excited to be partnering with GBN, and I am confident that the Membership will greatly benefit from our products,” Meyers further highlighted, “We understand the challenges many clubs face and our team is ready to help GBN Members incorporate a state-of-the-art golf simulation and instruction space within their club.”

Exclusive Offers for GBN Members on Uneekor Products

As part of this new partnership, GBN members will receive an exclusive offer on Uneekor’s products, including our cutting-edge simulators and launch monitors. This special benefit underscores GBN and Uneekor’s shared commitment to delivering exceptional value and innovation to the premier golf professional community.

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To learn more about our new partnership with GBN, check out this article.

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