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Performance Optix™

Discover the power of synergy with the Performance Optix bundle. Elevate your golf game by integrating the precise feedback of Swing Optix® cameras and the detailed analysis of the Balance Optix® mat. Ready to see the full picture?

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Train Smarter, Not Harder

Experience a revolution in golf training with Performance Optix™. Our dual system pairs the precise feedback of Swing Optix® cameras with the nuanced ground force analysis of Balance Optix®. Together, they unlock new training possibilities, allowing you to fine-tune your swing with the precision of a pro.

180 FPS
Markup Tools
Pro Precision
1100+ Sensors
Dynamic Heatmap
Real-time Weight
Swing Optix

Two Swing Optix® cameras display face-on and down-the-line views in crystal clear video.

Balance Optix

Balance Optix® Technology uses over 1100 sensors to measure weight distribution and how weight shifts laterally and vertically throughout your swing. Balance is an essential aspect of the golf swing, playing a crucial role in helping maintain control, generate power, and achieve consistent results.

VIEW Software Compatible

Integrated into our popular VIEW Software, your Balance Optix® data will be synced perfectly with Swing Optix® video sequences and launch monitor club / ball data.


Performance Optix is Uneekor’s training bundle that includes two Swing Optix® cameras and the brand-new Balance Optix® mat.

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