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Performance Optix

Uneekor's first biomechanical golf training system combines Swing Optix™ hi-resolution cameras with the NEW Balance Optix™, to create your own elite training solution. When paired with your launch monitor ball / club tracking data, you’ll understand your performance like never before.

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*includes both Swing Optix and Balance Optix
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How it Works

Performance Optix bundles two Uneekor technologies to provide a real-time visual representation of your swing, like never before.


Performance Optix Install Guide
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Performance Optix

Performance Optix is Uneekor’s training bundle that includes two Swing Optix cameras and the brand-new Balance Optix mat.

Balance Optix

Balance Optix measures your weight shift throughout your swing. Your weight distribution and weight shift are displayed via Weight Distribution Bars, a foot heat map and Center of Pressure Tracer. In our View software, you are able to compare two different shots with the bars, heat map, and tracer for the individual swings, and see why your two swing produced different results.

Swing Optix

A Swing Optix camera is a high-speed, multi-camera system used in golf analysis. It captures a golfer's swing from multiple angles for detailed analysis, helping improve technique and performance.