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Precision meets affordability in golf simulation. With its advanced overhead design, dual cameras, and marked ball technology, the QED delivers fast, accurate metrics for every swing. Experience high-performance play at an unmatched value.

Unlimited Tee Times, Endless Courses on Your Schedule 

Play thousands of world-class courses at your leisure with QED. Whether it's with our advanced Refine+ and GameDay systems or seamlessly integrating classics like GSPro, endless golfing adventures await you.

Unmatched Quality, Unmatched Value 

QED redefines what's possible in its class, delivering a level of quality and performance that stands alone. Experience a top-tier features that elevate your game, all offered at a value that acknowledges your pursuit of excellence.

Master Your Passion, Master Your Numbers

Refine your game with precision with QED. Turn every swing into actionable data, pinpointing the nuances of your technique with the accuracy you’ve come to expect from Uneekor. Unlock the potential of every drive, chip, and putt as you track and analyze your progress.
Ball Data
Ball SpeedVelocity at which the ball is traveling when it leaves the club face after impact.
Side SpinHorizontal spin measurement affecting golf ball movement left or right in flight.
Back SpinMeasurement of reverse rotation of the golf ball relative to its trajectory (Backspin generates upward lift and stopping power upon landing).
Side AngleAngle at which the ball starts its flight, relative to a straight target line (Horizontal launch angle).
Side TotalDeviation left or right of the target while the ball is in the air.
Launch AngleThe initial vertical launch angle of the golf ball post-clubface impact (relative to the ground).
Angle of DescentThe descent angle of the golf ball after reaching its peak trajectory.
Flight TimeThe total amount of time the golf ball is in the air.
Spin AxisThe imaginary line around which a spinning object rotates. In the context of sports like golf or baseball, it specifically refers to the axis around which the ball is spinning. In golf, the spin axis affects the ball's trajectory, determining whether it will curve to the left or right during flight.
Distance to ApexThe distance covered by the ball in the air until it reaches the highest point of its trajectory.
ApexThe peak height of the ball’s trajectory.
Ball Flight TypeDescription of the balls initial start direction and shot shape.
Carry DistanceTotal distance the ball traveled in the air.
RunDistance the ball travels after making contact with the ground.
Total DistanceTotal distance the golf ball travels including the carry and run.
Club Data
Club SpeedThe speed of the club at impact.
Smash FactorQuantifies the efficiency of impact between the club face and the golf ball. It is calculated by dividing the speed of the ball by the speed of the club head at impact. A higher smash factor indicates a more efficient transfer of energy from the club to the ball, typically resulting in greater distance and accuracy.
Face to PathThe angular difference between the face angle and club path.
Club PathThe in to out, or out to in movement of the club head’s geometric center at the center at the time of impact. Club Path is the direction (right or left) the club head is moving at impact and is measured relative to the target line.
Face AngleThe angular direction of the clubface at impact with the golf ball.

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More Options, More Golf 

Choose a Uneekor package: Go Pro with everything you need to play more golf or be a Champion and leave nothing on the course.

Player Package

  • Ball Data Points
  • Club Data Points
  • Uneekor View PC Software
  • Single Profile
  • 15 Sessions
  • Power U Report
  • Third-party Connector
  • Refine+
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Pro Package

$199/ year
  • Ball Data Points
  • Club Data Points
  • Uneekor View PC Software
  • 5 Profiles
  • 100 Sessions
  • Power U Report
  • Third-party Connector
  • Refine+
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Champion Package

$399/ year
  • Ball Data Points
  • Club Data Points
  • Uneekor View PC Software
  • 50 Profiles
  • 500 Sessions
  • Power U Report
  • Third-party Connector
  • Refine+
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* 3 months Champion Package trial included with purchase.

Discover the edge in your game with Uneekor QED — cutting-edge precision in every shot, now within reach. Rear-mounted overhead launch monitor provides wide hitting area and freedom to swing.

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Intel i7 or higher, 10th generation or later


16GB or more


NVIDIA RTX 30 series or later

GPU Memory

16GB or more

Hard Drive

200GB or more of available space


Windows 11 (64-bit only)


Intel i5 8400




GeForce GTX 1060


Windows 10 (64-bit only) Version 1803 or higher***

* PC Sold Separately

* 25Mbps internet connection required

* Other operating systems (Mac, Linux) are not supported

* Dedicated ethernet port required for launch monitor

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