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Ignite Software

Your standard software for the QED launch monitor
Included with your purchase of QED
Multiple Screens Supported
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Gain Greater Insight
Our Ignite Software provides you with an all-in-one training experience to work on your game. Ignite unlocks the power of the QED by providing real-time data for ball data, with the ability to unlock club data using our QED Club Stickers. Pair with our Swing Optix cameras to give you even greater insight into your swing
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Power Swing Card
Using your MyUneekor login, our Power Swing Card gives you access to previous shot data from Ignite. Users can view individual shots and the integral ball and club data from these shots. Included in this, is the ability to play back the Club Optix view of your shot
What’s Included with your Software
  • Access to our 'Peak Driving Range'
  • Ability to track all Ball and Club Data for each shot
  • Up to 5 sessions to practice any club in the bag
  • Access to various shot and flight path visualizations for each shot