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Have you ever wondered what owning your own golf course would be like? This is it
Refine $1,000 (USD)
Refine+ $2,000 (USD)
Training Methods
Driving Range
Discover your newfound capabilities in your in-home practice facility. Practice different ball flights, dial-in your distances, and put them to the test during your next on-course challenge
Short Game Complex
Hit flop shots, experiment with the bump and run… from various locations, and learn to dial-in your wedge game
Challenge Mode
Learn to perfect your approach game from 60-120 yards, with a little bit of friendly competition. Compete with your playing partners and see who has the best touch in the game
Course Practice
Want to work on your shots from any distance on the course? Utilize the Course Practice mode to hit various shots from the same position to sharpen your shots
Stroke Play
Play one of our 5 18-hole golf courses and put your skills to the test. For even more friendly competition, invite your friends to determine who can shoot lower
Quick Mode
Choose a specific area in your game you’d like to improve. From correcting your slice to hitting more accurate and precise tee shots, there are plenty of skills to learn to lower your scores the next time you play
What’s Included with your Software
Access to five 18-Hole Courses and 5 Training Modes
  • Short Game Complex with Practice, Evaluation, and Competition Modes for both Approach and Putting
  • Driving Range with Approach and Putting Features
  • Course Practice with (5) 18-hole non-U.S. courses
  • Quick Mode with various shot types and putting practices to focus on specific parts of the game
  • Challenge Mode, an entertaining island-target game for friends and family
  • Refine+ gives you access to additional (15) 18-hole non-U.S. courses

Course List

Bay Hill
Two Rivers
Moon Bay
Horse Shoe
Green Leaf
Jade Oak
South Village
Mountain CC
Half Moon
Black Canyon
Purple CC
Tea Tree Hills
Castle Rock
Lake Wood
Pine Hills CC
Gold Leaf
Rock Hills
Cloud Bay