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With Refine+, Boring Practice Is a Thing of the Past. 

Refine+ isn't just a golf simulator software; it's your personal golf resort, crafted to transform your practice into a pursuit of perfection. With Refine+, practice is never boring—it's an exciting, fun experience that challenges you at every swing.

Choose Your Path: Refine vs. Refine+

Play world-class courses with our advanced Refine+ and GameDay or seamlessly integrate classics like GSPro. More Golf awaits you.
Bay Hill
Two Rivers
Moon Bay
Horse Shoe
Green Leaf
Jade Oak
South Village
Mountain CC
Half Moon
Black Canyon
Purple CC
Tea Tree Hills
Castle Rock
Lake Wood
Pine Hills CC
Gold Leaf
Rock Hills
Cloud Bay

Refine / Refine+

$1,000 / $2,000

Have you ever wondered what owning your own golf course would be like? This is it. What’s Included with your Software Access to (5) 18-Hole Courses and 5 Training Modes Short Game Complex with Practice, Evaluation, and Competition Modes for both Approach and Putting Driving Range with Approach and Putting Features Course Practice with (5) 18-hole non-U.S. courses Quick Mode with various shot types and putting practices to focus on specific parts of the game Challenge Mode, an entertaining island-target game for friends and family

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