All-In Power Suite
Created for golfers who’d rather spend their time playing and practicing than researching, the All-In Power Suite gives you everything you need to get started in one convenient package
Get even more out of each swing. The All-In Power Suite comes packed with our most popular simulation software, Refine. So you can keep putting in that work.

Compare the Data

EYE XO SuiteEYE XO Suite
Smash Factor*
Club Speed*
Club Path*
Club Face Angle*
Club Face to Path
Attack Angle*
Dynamic Loft*
Club Loft Angle*
Club Lie Angle*
Impact Point, Vertical*
Impact Point, Horizontal*
Total Distance
Flight Time
Distance to Apex
Ball Speed
Side & Back Spin
Side Angle & Total
Launch Angle
Angle of Decent/Land Angle
*Club Stickers required for enhanced club data