Frequently asked questions

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Our requirement for ceiling height is between 9 – 10.5 feet.

The type of projector and/or LED bulbs used can produce a flicker effect in video capture. Our Swing Optix cameras record at 160 fps which can capture high-speed voltage fluctuations produced by LED bulbs and some projectors may enhance the effect even further. We've compiled a list of compatible projector(s) and LED bulb(s) that reduce the flicker effect to a miniscule level. Please refer the lists below:


LED Bulbs

Yes, we are fully integrated with TruGolf E6 Connect and TGC. You can purchase these by directly going through E6 or TGC and selecting “Uneekor” for the hardware.

The hitting mat must be 3.5 feet in front of the sensor once it is mounted.

CPU: Intel i5 8400 or higher
Graphics card: GeForce GTX1060
Operating system: Windows 10 64 bit version 1803 or higher

We recommend 12 feet or more for safety purposes. For those with limited space, 10 feet is the minimum distance.

The sensor is connected to the PC through a CAT6 ethernet cable. The ethernet cable must be DIRECTLY connected to your ethernet port on the back of your PC and NOT a switch or router.

Yes you can upgrade at any time for the additional level cost.

Email: or
Phone: 949-328-7790

Yes, the sensor is RH and LH capable without moving the hardware whatsoever. You can also have RH and LH golfers play together in play mode, just set them up accordingly in settings before you start.

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