27 Golf Gifts To Improve Their Game




Golf Gifts To Improve Their Game

What do you buy for the fanatical golfer who already has everything? The holiday season is right around the corner, and coming up with gift ideas for golfers is no easy feat. Whether the golfer in your life already has everything they need or you just want to get them something fun, finding unique golf gifts is a challenge — particularly if you aren’t a golfer yourself. Go beyond the conventional and think outside the box. Here are the best gifts for golfers who have everything already.

27 Best Gifts for Golf Lovers

To make your holiday shopping simple, here are the best golf lover gifts this season. Depending on what the golfer in your life needs, browse by category and get them something they’ll not only love but will actually use.

Basic Equipment

Achieving a low score on the course all starts with the basics. Not every gift has to be huge or expensive. These stocking stuffers consist entirely of gifts that any golfer would love to have in their bags.

Unique Personalized Leather Golf Glove

Golf gloves are essential for avoiding club slippage and painful blisters after a long 18-hole odyssey. This white leather glove can be fully personalized, so you can make it truly yours. The quality of the leather is exceptional, and it even comes with a maple ball marker that can be attached to the glove with magnets. This is a gift that will last even the most obsessed golfer for years to come.


Stabo Personalized Scorecard Holder

For some easy gift ideas for golfers, check out this scorecard holder. It comes in a stylish petrol blue with gold initials, which can be personalized. This handmade holder can add a touch of professionalism to anybody’s game. Plus, it makes it easy to hold previous scorecards for measuring progress. This gift is the first step from a fresh-faced amateur to becoming a grizzled veteran out on the course.

lfer who already has everything? The holiday season is right around the corner, and coming up with gift ideas for golfers is no easy feat. Whether the golfer in your life already has everything they need or you just want to get them something fun, finding unique golf gifts is a challenge — particularly if you aren’t a golfer yourself. Go beyond the conventional and think outside the box. Here are the best gifts for golfers who have everything already.


Golf Rectangle Sunglasses for Men

Purchase an authentic pair of Oakley sunglasses to keep the sun out of any golfer’s eyes. This is one of the best golf gifts, as shooting into the sun can wreak havoc with even the best scorecard. These rectangular sunglasses are non-polarized and designed to banish those dangerous UV rays. Each pair of sunglasses even comes with its own leash and cleaning kit as an added bonus. If you want to invest in quality with your golf gifts, these are the sunglasses to do it with.


S’Well Hole in One Bottle

Staying hydrated is important at the best of times, but on a hot summer’s day, hydration can make or break your game. Upgrade a tired water bottle with the S’Well Hole in One. Not only does this bottle keep liquid’s ice cold for a long time, but they also don’t condense, which means golfers no longer have to keep a towel around every time they want to take a swig.


Mizuno BR-D3 Stand Bag

One of the best golf gifts for any golfer is a new stand bag. The Mizuno BR-D3 Stand Bag is not only known for its stability but its high storage capacity. It includes an incredible eight separate compartments in all shapes and sizes. Pack away just about anything and make sure nothing is left on the green ever again. It even comes with a metal accessories clip and an insulated drinks pouch to keep drinks cool.


Zero Friction Victory 5-Prong Golf Tees

One of the most frustrating aspects of golf is searching through a golf bag only to snap fragile tees in half before making it to the box. Get them something stronger with these Zero Friction Victory 5-Prong Golf Tees. The additional stability you get from the prongs can help to drive yardage and hit perfect shots in windy conditions. Each tee is made from bio-composite, which is not only top-rated but great for the environment.


Short Sleeve Button Downs

When it comes to golf gifts for men, you can’t go wrong with a good golf shirt. Shun the corporate shirts produced by the thousands every year and support local businesses instead. This independent designer based in Brooklyn specializes in not only giving golfers an array of colorful, tasteful course-ready shirts, but he also takes the time to create quality shirts designed to last. If you know a golfer who’s ready to upgrade their wardrobe, check out these shirts before they’re all gone.


Puma Caged Crafted Golf Shoes

Stability underfoot can define any shot. These golf shoes use PWRADAPT technology for better traction without spikes. They automatically adjust to any environment, whether on the fairway, in the rough, or stuck in a bunker. What’s more, they are some of the most stylish golf gifts on the market. They look just as good on the course as they do in the clubhouse.


Training Equipment

Do you know a student of the game searching for any avenue in which they can card lower? Help them improve everything from their swing to their putt with some cutting-edge training equipment. Here are the best golf gifts for proven advancement in any game.

Golf Simulator

Transform your game and take it to the next level with the All-In Power Suite. Commercial grade all-in-one golf package with trouble-free assembly and personal tech support. This is the most realistic golf experience you will find. Practice your short game or indulge in full course play on one of five unique modes. This all-in package comes with several training modes to help perfect even the strongest games. If you’re looking for golf Christmas gifts that show your appreciation for the golf fanatic, the All-In Power Suite is hands-down the way to go.


Overhead Launch Monitor

Stop hacking balls at the driving range and use the power of science to improve any game. The EYE XO & QED Overhead Launch Monitor is designed to provide pinpoint accuracy to monitor any swing. Using Ball and Club OPTIX technology to measure ball spin and club path instantly, this powered launch monitor is one of the unique golf gifts that deliver real improvement to anyone’s game at any level.


Golf Tech

The science of golf has made rapid advancements in recent years. Players like Bryson DeChambeau have taken golf and reinvented it with their focus on incorporating modern technology into their games. Even amateur golfers can benefit from golf tech. Check out these techy golf gifts to gain an edge on the competition.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Rangefinders are controversial as they are banned in many competitions. On the other hand, they take the guesswork out of golf and allow any player to improve their ability to find their range. This advanced rangefinder is simple to use and ideal for both new and experienced players. Purchase this gadget and get one of the best golf gifts this holiday season.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Inject some tech into any game with one of the most impressive gifts for golf lovers. While this watch is more of a general health and wellness tracker, it comes with several golf features. The best feature by far is the Smart Caddie app pre-loaded into the watch. Get real-time data instantly and home in on more than 40,000 courses around the world using satellite maps. It’s the best way to plan which course you’re going to visit and whether the conditions are suited to a weekend round.


Tile Mate

Are you constantly losing keys and other little accessories? Tile Mate is the perfect gift for those golfers who tend to lose those smaller items. This Bluetooth tile attaches to any item, including golf bags, keys, and more. This best-selling Bluetooth tile is fully compatible with iOS, Android, Alexa, and other virtual assistant products. For unique golf gifts on a budget, Tile Mate will be much appreciated next time they’re flipping couch cushions looking for their keys.


Campbell Caddie

Back problems are a serious issue for the majority of golfers, and it’s not just because of the strength thrown into every swing. The average golfer bends over more than 64 times per round, but the Campbell Caddie can reduce this by 25%. This golf accessory keeps grips dry, ensures clubs aren’t left behind and reduces bending over. It’s just seven ounces, so it’s never going to be a burden to carry it around the course. There’s no better accessory to help a golfer preserve their health and avoid those lost wedges.


Golf Clubs

Golf clubs remain the most expensive part of getting better at the game. Talent can only take you so far. There’s a reason why PGA professionals invest thousands of dollars into their clubs. If you’re looking to splurge on new golf clubs for that special someone this holiday season, here are some top picks.

White Hot OG #1

Grab one of the most played putters of all time. The White Hot OG #1 is an iconic putter that can help anyone make incredible shots. This particular putter includes a Crank Hosel and a variation on the traditional blade design. It has a large amount of toe hang for tackling those shots with additional arc and face rotation. The White Hot OG #1 comes with a White Hot insert and a red Stroke Lab shaft. It's about as elegant and as impressive a putter as you’re likely to come across.


Strata Golf Set for Beginners

There’s no getting around the fact that starting golf for the first time requires a significant investment. For many beginners who’ve been talking about taking up the sport, it can be difficult to get all the necessary clubs and accessories. The Strata Golf Set is the perfect introduction for beginners who’re learning the intricacies of the sport. It includes several irons, wedges, hybrids, putters, and all the basic accessories they need to kick off their first-ever round of golf. Give the gift of golf this holiday season.


TaylorMade M6 Driver

Perhaps the best driver on the market today, Tiger Woods recently signed a deal with TaylorMade and adopted the M6 as his preferred driver in 2020. It offers a speed injected face to deliver huge ball speed and incredible distance. The club utilizes Twist Face Technology to replicate the forgiveness you’d normally only find in a short iron. Finally, its wide sweet spot makes it easier to avoid those snatches and arcs that plague the games of amateurs everywhere. This is the perfect blend of science and golf coming together to create what may be the most advanced driver available.


TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood

Another addition from TaylorMade, this manufacturer has established itself as one of the leading clubmakers in the business. The M6 Fairway Wood is available in both 15 and 18-degree models. If you know someone who’s looking for more spin control and distance in their moderate game, the speed pocket behind the clubface improves both speed and distance. Plus, the crown is made from lightweight carbon to deliver a lighter club, which also enhances your speed.


Callaway Rogue Hybrid

Not everyone enjoys striking the ball with a long iron. The Callaway Rogue Hybrid makes the perfect gift for a golfer like that. It comes with a wide sweet spot for more solid contacts. If you’re looking at the crown of the club, there’s an alignment triangle that makes lining up shots simpler. What stands out about the Callaway Rogue Hybrid is the fact that the feel of the club is designed to instill self-confidence in every swing.


Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge

Anyone who’s been in the game for a decent amount of time has heard of Cleveland. They’ve made their name as being one of the best wedge manufacturers in the business. If you know someone looking for a superior wedge to knock off a few shots, this is a sensational striking option. It incorporates Rotex Face Technology to ensure excellent spin through sharp grooves. The black satin finish makes it one of the sexiest clubs on the market. Let your playing partner bring together accelerated spin with comfortable playability with this great golf gift.


Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Generate more speed and more distance from the tee box with the Callaway Epic Flash Driver. It uses a brand-new technology known as Flash Face to get more speed and increase your drives. What’s special about Flash Face is that it’s the first instance of artificial intelligence being used in golf. Inside the club itself, you’ll find two internal bars to stabilize the club and put more weight on the clubface itself. This is Jailbreak Technology in action, and it’s yet another way to promote additional ball speed. Finally, the adjustable perimeter weighting on the club allows any player to straighten the flight of the ball or to arc it for those more difficult shots. This is the gift for a player who takes their game seriously.


Cool Golf Gifts

Make an impact with your gifts this year and buy a golfer something memorable. A love of golf extends far beyond the course. Whether helping someone to pass the miserable winter season till they can get out on the course again or you just want to leave a smile on their face, check out these awesome golf buys.

Tee Toss Game

The Tee Toss Game is fun for all the family. Bring it out at a party or pass the hours in a rec room. This game is simple to play but almost impossible to master. Throw the golf ball into the large tee. Get a point for every successful throw. The tee is mounted onto a bamboo putting green. It can be placed on a wall, in the backyard, or even be brought out as part of a tailgate party.


Golf Cornhole Set

Cornhole is an American classic. From backyard barbecues to beachside blowouts, this is one of the most unique golf gifts that brings together two of the greatest games to have ever been played. The set comes with two sets of colored golf balls, tee pads, and netted holes. Take out a golf club and chip away at the balls. Like in the conventional game of cornhole, the smaller the hole, the higher the score. It’s surprisingly addictive and, arguably, a more challenging proposition than regular cornhole.


Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

Practice makes perfect. Get that putting down with one of the best gifts for golf lovers. This kidney-shaped putting green is not only an excellent way to improve putting but to relax as well. Its relatively small size means it can fit in any room of the house. For a functional, practical gift that allows for some golf practice at home, the Grassroots Par Three Putting Green is a great gift.


Reflections Black Golf Pen and Pencil Set

Golfers love personalized items. From monogrammed duffel bags to customized cufflinks, take any golf-themed rec room to the next level with this black and silver golf pen and pencil set. Add their initials or a personalized message to show them how much you care this holiday season.


The Clover Whiskey

Every golfer has heard of Bobby Jones. He was one of the greatest players to have ever stepped into a tee box. Perhaps the aspect of his character that modern golfers fondly remember was his penchant for the finest whiskey. After every competition, he would drink three fingers of the best local whiskey to celebrate his victories. The Clover Whiskey is a testament to Bobby Jones. Buy a bottle of this straight, single-barrel whiskey. It goes down smooth and is one of the most thoughtful golf Christmas gifts.


Tiger Woods 2019 Masters Celebration Wall Décor

The world stopped when Tiger Woods rolled back the years to win the Masters in 2019. Following a turbulent few years and indifferent form, Tiger Woods cemented himself as one of the best golfers to have ever picked up a club. Buy this unique collectible and preserve it in any room to be inspired by greatness. For some golf-themed wall décor, there’s no better way to be reminded of excellence.


Give the Gift Of Power to Every Golfer

Figuring out the right golf gifts for the men and women in your life can be difficult, especially if you’re not someone who plays golf personally. This gift guide covers all the bases and ensures you find the perfect gift to impress any golfer this holiday season. Improving the golf game is the priority. Learn and improve faster than with any coach with the unique Uneekor golf simulation system. Drive your game with the power of science and good old-fashioned hard work. Our technology is driven by the belief that there’s not only a story behind every swing, but data as well. To learn more about the most advanced simulator in the smart golfing world, contact Uneekor today.

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27 Golf Gifts To Improve Their Game

What do you buy for the fanatical golfer who already has everything? The holiday season is right around the corner, and coming up with gift ideas for golfers is no easy feat. Whether the golfer in your life already has everything they need or you just want to get them something fun, finding unique golf gifts is a challenge — particularly if you aren’t a golfer yourself. Go beyond the conventional and think outside the box. Here are the best gifts for golfers who have everything already.

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