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Choose from 5 training modes

1. Driving Range

With our newly upgraded QED Ranges, you can choose one of the three modes: Driving, Approach, and Putting. Work on real shots from 150 yards & in to simulate on-course shots and pin locations. Or, start each round with your feel and touch in tune with course conditions from pre-round putting warm-ups.

2. Stroke Play

In multiplayer mode, up to six players can compete in your selected course. Enjoy and test your competitive spirit as a golfer in a half or full course journey.

3. Short Game Complex

Up to six players can compete for top points on shots inside 100 yards from the fairway, first cut or rough, and from different lies. You can also practice those ‘big breaking’ putts, up-hill, or down-hill from any distance you choose, or use preset distance and difficulty options. Fully utilize our extensive Practice, Evaluation, and Competition Modes.

4. Course Practice

This is where you can develop a level of consistency and a clear sense of your ball trends staying in the course. It is an independent practice mode on course. You can repeat the same shots from the same spot as many times as you wish. 

5. QED Challenge

Make competition and practice fun. With up to 6 players competing at the same time, at day or night through the city skyline and river. Play 4 rounds of 3 shots each from 60-80-100-120 yards or customize your distances.

Unlock your potential through competition.

Choose from our library of QED Challenges.

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