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How Much Does a Golf Simulator Cost?




Some people might think that creating their own indoor golf simulator is way out of their price range. But with the wide range of home golf simulator setups available, having an in-home golf studio is more obtainable than ever.

Why You Should Invest in a Golf Simulator

A golf simulator is one of the most important tools a golfer can use to improve their overall game. Simulators provide accurate club and ball data to help identify areas of improvement, showing insights about shot shape, swing, trajectory, and more.

Here are some of the data points that golf simulators measure:

  1. - Carry, roll, and total distance
  2. - Backspin, side spin, and spin axis
  3. - Ball speed
  4. - Clubhead speed
  5. - Smash factor
  6. - Launch angle
  7. - Club path
  8. - Dynamic loft
  9. - Face to path

And much, much more. In fact, some of our simulators measure 24 ball and club data points.

Another major benefit of a golf simulator is that you can play any time (and anywhere if you choose our indoor/outdoor EYE MINI) regardless of weather conditions, season, or time of day.

Golf Simulator Packages

Whether you’re just trying to play golf at home or focus on game improvement, we offer many different “SimKit” bundles to fit any player’s space, style, and budget.

Net Packages

When considering cost and space requirements, relying on a Net Package may be what you need if you don’t have a lot of space or a large budget. Net packages generally consist of hitting turf, a reliable net to catch and return golf balls, and a launch monitor.

As an added bonus, you can enhance your experience by adding a gaming computer and TV to create a full simulation experience.

TheEYE MINI and EYE MINI LITE Net packages provide authentic golf simulation at a tremendous value.

The golf launch monitor combined with a SIGPRO Golf Net and EZ Tee Hybrid Hitting Mat turns any space into a tech-infused range, or full golf simulator without needing an impact screen.

Starting price: $3,769

Enclosure Packages

For golfers who would rather spend their time improving than researching home golf simulator setups, our team of professionals have curated a complete package for you to get set up and swinging right away.

Available for most Uneekor launch monitors and in varying sizes to fit any home, enclosure packages are complete with the launch monitor, impact screen, projector, hitting mat, landing turf, and projector mount.

Starting price: $7,495

EYE XO2 SimKit

With the EYE XO2 SimKit, there's nothing left to buy. Right out of the box, you're equipped with all the training tools to elevate your game. Complete with Performance Optix, which measures everything you need to know about your club and ball data (including launch angle, ball flight, club path, and more).

You can also play all your favorite golf courses using Refine+ or your favorite third-party golf simulation software.

Starting price: $13,000

Build Your Own

Need help figuring out which package is right for you? You can build your own indoor golf simulation with our customizable sim builder. Just plug in your space size, budget, and how you want to use your simulator and we’ll show you which option is right for you.

Starting at: $3,769

Create Your Personal Golf Studio Today!

No matter what level of golfer you are, a golf simulator is a great way to enjoy playing your favorite courses or work on improving your game, regardless of weather or tee time availability.

Golf simulators used to be seen as a luxury item that could only be purchased by millionaires, but thanks to technological advances and cost reductions, many indoor golf simulations are available at a much friendlier price point.

Need help getting started? Check out our Sim Builder to find the perfect setup for you.

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