Simulation Software
Add Refine or Succeed (Refine+) software to your QED or EYE XO Launch Monitor to practice all aspects of your game and to put your practice to the test on our virtual course. The Refine Software and the Refine+Software brings the most comprehensive, realistic, and convenient way to practice. Five fundamental training modes help hone your skills so you can be course-ready all-year round.


Course Practice and Course Play

Have you wondered how it would be if you owned your own golf course? Take a tour of any of the 5 golf courses on Refine and 20 on Refine+. With our course practice feature, you can pick your favorite course and favorite hole, drop a ball at any spot. Practice the shots you want to work on just like you own it. When you're finished practicing, put your practice to the test and play one of 5 courses (Refine) or 20 courses (Refine +).

Compare the Data

Short Game Complex
Complete with Practice, Evaluation, and Competion modes for both Approach and Putting
Driving Range
Approach and Putting
Course Play
Practice/Play on Five 18-hole courses*
Stroke Play
Five 18-hole courses*
QED Challenge
An entertaining island-target game for friends and family
15 Additional 18-hole Courses*
*non-U.S. Courses