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3 Golf Simulator Builds to Inspire Your Dream Setup




Golf simulator setups can vary greatly based on space, style, and budget. Golfers from all walks of life have created dream builds in their garages, basements, businesses, and even offices.

To spark some inspiration for your very own golf simulator setup, we’ve rounded up some of the golf simulator setups we’ve seen from Uneekor customers.

1. The Ultimate Garage Hang-Out

Courtesy of Virtual Tee Golf

This garage golf simulator setup is the perfect example of an indoor golfing haven with its seamless blend of a high-quality simulator and a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

The large projection screen and advanced simulation software provide a realistic golfing experience, while the comfortable seating area, complete with a leather couch and rustic wooden tables, offers a space to relax and socialize.

The addition of the neon sign, a wood-burning stove, and a well-stocked bar area enhances the ambiance, making it an ideal space not just for practicing golf, but for entertaining guests. This setup demonstrates how functionality and comfort can be combined to create the ultimate home golf experience.

2. At-Home Full Golf Training Studio 

Courtesy of Virtual Tee Golf

This example of a sleek and efficient home golf simulator setup is perfect for those looking to maximize functionality in a compact space. What makes this setup particularly appealing is its clean and organized layout, with a high-quality projector and impact screen seamlessly integrated into the room.

The inclusion of a separate monitor for additional viewing options enhances the overall experience, allowing for detailed analysis and tracking of shots. The neatly arranged golf clubs and the strategically placed Swing Optix camera show a commitment to precision and performance.

This setup demonstrates that even in a smaller, minimalist space, it's possible to create a professional-grade golf simulator that delivers a realistic and immersive golfing experience.

3. Non-Conventional Center

Courtesy of Virtual Tee Golf

This top-tier golf simulator setup at a convention center merges high-tech simulation within an expansive commercial environment. The large projection screen offers an immersive golfing experience, while the panoramic windows provide ample natural light and stunning views, creating a unique blend of indoor and outdoor ambiance.

The spacious layout allows for multiple activity zones, including comfortable seating areas and additional screens for simultaneous entertainment and practice. The well-organized equipment storage and sleek, modern design contribute to a clean and professional look.

This setup is particularly inspiring for those looking to create a versatile golf simulator space that caters to both serious practice and leisure in between meetings and keynotes.

BYO Golf Simulator

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