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About Us
We are golf veterans, technology specialists, engineering experts and innovation masters.
We are Unrivaled,
we are Unmatched.
We are Uneekor. Master Your Passion.
What we do
We help golfers master their passion and excel at what they love.
We give golfers the fastest, most precise, and convenient training experience
We make golf better by making better golfers.
  • Uneekor anticipated the most important and revolutionary transition of the past decade that would change forever the way in which golfers practice, learn and improve their game. What began with one engineer trying to efficiently elevate his skills, turned into a truly powerful, disruptive force that changed the golf simulator industry forever.
How we do it
  1. 1
    Deeply understanding the game of golf
  2. 2
    Leveraging our 14+ years of experience in the business
  3. 3
    Bringing together the most knowledgeable, top engineers
  4. 4
    Combining leading-edge technology and smart design
  5. 5
    Being fully committed to nothing less than the highest quality
  6. 6
    Offering a fast, precise, and convenient training experience for any golfer at any level
  7. 7
    Knowing what golfers want, but truly understanding what they need
  8. 8
    Constantly innovating, growing, and evolving
Why we do it
Because we love the game
Because we are insanely passionate about getting better at it
Because we thrive with a good challenge
Because we relentlessly pursue perfection
Just like our fellow golfers out there: we share the same goals and dreams.
We do it for golfing greatnesss. And we are in this together.