SIMKIT - EYE XO 12ft Enclosure

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For golfers that would rather spend their time improving than doing their own research; our team of professionals put together the most complete package for you to get setup and swinging right away

24 data points for ball and club included

Every data point that you need at your fingertips, not behind a paywall. Use actionable data to elevate your training. When paired with Performance Optix technology, it’s never been easier to define and expand your skill set anywhere you play.
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Includes 1 Free Year of Champion Package

Our premium Champion package includes 25 courses to play, third-party compatibility with your favorite software (including GSPro), and more.

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Champion Package

  • Uneekor View PC Software
  • Ball Data Points
  • Club Data Points
  • Power U Report
  • Third-party Connector
  • 50 Profiles
  • 500 Sessions
  • Refine+ (20 Courses)

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Yes, the EYE XO can be upgraded with Performance Optix. Performance Optix is the perfect dual training system. Swing Optix® and Balance Optix® are synced so that you can see how your weight transfers at every point in your swing.

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EYE XO Launch Monitor

Mounting Bracket with Level

Calibration Board

12ft Carl’s Place Enclosure

BenQ LW600ST Projector

5 x 5 EZ Tee Hybrid Hitting Mat

13 x 8 SimTurf Landing Turf

Uneekor Launcher

Player Package Included

One Free Year of the Champion Package


Power Cable, Adapter, and Connector


USB Ethernet Adapter & CAT6 LAN Cable

(1) count

EYE XO Club Stickers

(400) count

M4 32mm screws

(10) count

M6 15mm screws

(10) count

M6 Screws: 15mm High

(4) count

M6 Screws: 15mm Low

(4) count

Ceiling Projector Drop Mount

(1) count

4K HDMI Cable (30ft)

(1) count

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