Overhead Launch Monitors


When we set out to create the EYE XO, our mission was as straightforward as it was technologically complex: to create the world’s most sophisticated indoor launch monitor. The culmination of countless hours of hard work, the EYE XO is our fastest, most precise, and most reliable launch monitor available.

From $10,000 USD

Estimated shipping from $95

EYE XO is designed for those who demand the best of the best to obtain the next level of their game without the complexities that come with this difficult but rewarding sport.


The QED overhead launch monitor is where it all started, but certainly not where it ends. Engineered to be lightning-fast in response while delivering pinpoint accuracy.

From $7,000 USD

Estimated shipping from $95

The QED is design for those obsessed with progress, created to capture and playback what is actually happening with the passing of each swing.

Compare the Data

Smash Factor
Club Speed
Club Path
Club Face Angle
Club Face to Path
Attack Angle
Dynamic Loft
Club Loft Angle
Club Lie Angle
Impact Point, Vertical
Impact Point, Horizontal
Total Distance
Flight Time
Distance Apex
Ball Speed
Side & Back Spin
Side Angle & Total
Launch Angle
Angle of Descent/Land Angle
*Club Stickers required for enhanced club data